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New Products Plastic Factory - (NPPF) is a Qatar based company associated with producing high pressure and all classes of Thermoplastic Pipes. Licensed in 2008 and start it's production in 2017, we have supplied pipes to enumerable organizations in Qatar and earned a name for ourselves in a short period of time.

The advances made in the plastic industry during the past decades are reflected by the present existence of advanced products and sophisticated processes, Plastic products continued to grow with increasing importance in the wide spectrum of today's industries. As a potent approach, a competent team of business developers and researchers of New Products Plastic Factory - (NPPF), explore the Potential of plastic pipe manufacturing industry in Qatar.

New Products Plastic Factory-(NPPF) in Qatar was formed with the strategy of being not only the Profitable leader in the industry, but also reliable partner of Qatar Government in fulfilling it's social obligations and achieving Qatar vision 2030. It is mandate of the company to continously generate employment for the Qatari workforce. The Factory aims to be responsive and reliable producers of Plastic pipe products, perfect to specific needs and provide specialized systems.

Just like any other plastic pipe manufacturing factories, our equipment and raw material are produced From internationally recognized manufacturers and suppliers. Similarly our wide range of plastic pipes products is manufactured and quality tested in accordance with the international Standard such as BS,BS-EN, DIN, NEMA, ASTM and ISO. We treat our customers and suppliers as partners, we recognized our Clients long term value and we are driving that value to it's limit by providing excellent products services and advices to our customer deserve.

Our research and development programs are geared not only highly-technical advancement but also towards team building and career development of our employees and staff. We believe that there is no any substitute for accuracy and efficiency. Excellence and quality products is our business.

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